The Voice of Tubu-Tubu Practitioners


Childcare has become easier and I am more confident. I have more clarity with my parenting skills.

Yasuko Hata (Yamanashi)


How did you encounter Tubu-Tubu?

After I gave a birth to our second daughter I fell into postpartum depression because I did not know how to help my eldest daughter’s asthma and younger daughter’s atopic dermatitis. I studied a brown rice and vegetable diet but it was a little difficult for me… At that time I found a sentence “It is ok, as long as you include 80% cooked grain.” And I started to practice Tubu-Tubu thinking maybe I can enjoy doing this.

Have you found any difference in your childcare since embracing Tubu-Tubu?

When I had the first child, I was always swayed by what was written in magazines and maternity passbooks. I was always worrying about small things such as “what month should I start to feed her baby food?” “What should I feed her after that?” I seemed to run around in confusion. Since I started Tubu-Tubu, I began to understand what I should feed her. I also became able to give her simple treatments and help her when she was sick. Both their asthma and atopic dermatitis were cured after changing our diet. I gained self confidence and enjoy childcare so much!
Both their asthma and atopic dermatitis were cured after changing our diet.

What kind of change did your family have?

Since I started Tubu-Tubu my emotions stabilized and our children became calmer and healthier. All my family members get along with each other and we have been having great time. In this process my husband started his business as a physical therapist and began to teach others “how they could use stretches to cure their bodies” instead of “just giving them a treatment.”


With Open House as a start, we became a Tubu-Tubu loving family!

Chizu Okada (Kyoto) (husband: Satoshi, daughter: Chihiro)

What made you family fall in love with Tubu-Tubu?

After giving birth, I was confused about breastfeeding, dietary education, and health care. Even though I knew a plant-based diet is good, I could not actually put it into practice. I went back to work when my daughter was one year old and I started to use premade dishes, eating out, instant food ……things didn’t go well. Meantime, I encountered Tubu-Tubu through an old friend that I had known for 24 years. I took the seminar and joined an Open House listening to my instinct, “If I want to let my family accept Tubu-Tubu, it is the way to let them experience real and delicious food!” My instinct was a right in and we became a Tubu-Tubu loving family! I continued to take seminars and my family’s satisfaction rate as well as my cooking skills improved as a result.

How do you usually enjoy Tubu-Tubu?

Before I go to work, I usually cook a meal for my daughter and husband beforehand. Tubu-Tubu cooking remains delicious even if it gets cold. This has been a great help to me as a working woman! I have begun to enjoy standing in my kitchen when I am at home. When we are all together on weekends we sometimes enjoy harmonizing the “Tubu-Tubu Song” together with each other as I cook. My husband plays the sax, and my daughter sings along☺

Each of you, could you say a few words?

Husband: My motto is “Make the boring world amusing.” These are the words of Shinsaku Takasugi. “ Make something amusing even more amusing.” These are the words that I added. I am enjoying this as well! Wife: I wish to unite each family with Tubu-Tubu and to spread this peace for families around the world. Child: I Love mochi-awa donuts, I love itafu, and I love Yumiko~!


I am growing traditional grains in Fukushima! Having connected with friends around Japan, I am enjoying working here.

Kenji Asano (Fukushima)

How did you encounter Tubu-Tubu?

I got to know about Tubu-Tubu by reading a book about it.

I was impressed by “the relationship between food and the body.” I started to cook Tubu-Tubu dishes using the Tubu-Tubu recipe book that I bought. I was also influenced by Yumiko’s lifestyle and started to be interested in agriculture. While I was in college, I went to a farm to work. I had had the experience of living in a farm village for one year after I graduated from college and this appealed to me. I began looking for a job in a farm village after that. Meanwhile, I managed to get one and moved there. My job is the manager of the facility for assisting new farmers in Kitakata, Fukushima. A vacant house is utilized for the facility. I was enjoying Tubu-Tubu cooking life in my own way after moving, but I also joined in the seminar wishing to listen to Yumiko’s talk instead of just reading her books.

Do you have anything impressive about the change you have experienced since you joined in the seminar?

By participating in the live cooking class, my cooking became even more delicious than when I was relying on books. I started to love cooking and I am enjoying Tubu-Tubu cooking with fresh vegetables and traditional grains that I have grown myself. Moreover it has become easy to wake up in the morning and I rarely ever catch a cold. I have become more ambitious with many things. I still sometimes get lost and lose confidence in myself but every time I participate in seminar, I become more positive and my life has been moving forward as a result. I am especially glad that I could meet with Tubu-Tubu friends from around Japan at the Tubu-Tubu Tennyo Seminar 2013 and Cookery Seminars (the current Future Food Cooking School, Basic). I have been enjoying interacting with them, exchanging information and farming together. Since engaging in my lifework of farming and food I have really begun to enjoy life!

How do you include Tubu-Tubu into your daily life?

I prepare Tubu-Tubu meals for people who stay at the institution and I am very glad that they are happy with them. When the regional gatherings are held, we are usually expected to bring one dish, so I always take a Tubu-Tubu dish. People are very pleased saying it is delicious. Tubu-Tubu dishes are something unusual to them so it sometimes become the starter for our conversation. Furthermore, in April I was asked to be a one –day chef at a café in Yamato-machi. More than thirty people came and enjoyed eating Tubu-Tubu dishes saying they were “more delicious than imagined!” It was a very happy day. I am thinking of doing this more in the future.

Please tell us about your future plans!

1. At the farm, I am aiming to grow the same amount that I can sell. The goal for this year is to ship thirty kilogram of finger millet.

2. I had anxiety wondering if I could really be a one day chef but after I tried I found that I had a lot of fun and I received very favorable responses as well as requests to do it again. From now on I will not be afraid of failing in the challenges of being a one day chef or when offering a meal party.

3. I will enjoy a life, which has farm work and Tubu-Tubu cooking as its center. I will live with a rich heart. I will be very happy if I can contribute to the health and happiness of people as well as to myself through farming and diet.


My husband and I used to have a lot of conflicts. I had never imagined he would say, "please make a plan for changing me as well." Also, my daughter is crazy about Tubu-Puru and chapati!

Mayo Nakane (Tokyo)(husband: Mitsuyoshi, daughter: Tao)

What made you fall in love with Tubu-Tubu?

Ten years ago before I got married, I took the Future Food Survival Seminar, (the current Future Food Seminar). After that, however, I tried macrobiotics, raw food, Chinese medicine… I was here and there and very scattered. In that I was married and had a child, our relationship began to worsen. “I wanted to change!” Then I participated in Tubu-Tubu Mother Hatsuko’s cooking class and I was impressed at how delicious it was! Next, I joined the Tubu-Tubu Tennyo Seminar 2013 and Future Food Seminars 1, 2, 3. My body feels good now everyday and I also feel very nourished and happy. Cooking has become so much fun that I enjoy cooking Tubu-Tubu daily. I told my family that we can change not only our bodies but also our minds, and shred that “I will improve my skill from now! Let’s enjoy eating together:-D!” As I cook everyday with all my heart my husband who I used to clash a lot with asked me “please make a plan for changing your husband as well.” I was so surprised at this change:) I will continue to enjoy more of the coming transformation with my family.

How do you enjoy Tubu-Tubu?

My daughter loves Tubu-Puru☺! Every mouthful she has, she says with twinkling eyes, “It’s delicious, isn’t it?” Also, it seems it is so much fun for her to watch the chapattis swell as it cooks. I make the chapatti that I learned at the Future Food Seminar – Scene 3 and she laughs so hard whenever I make it. I get her invitation “Let’s do ‘pwa-wa-wa’ once again!” (means “Let’s make chapatti once again!”) This spring I started renting a farm in Fujino with my husband. We plan on growing some traditional grains to start. I always enjoy Tubu-Tubu lunch boxes and looking at our farm with my family☺

Each of you, could you say a few words?

Husband: Although I continuously have an irregular life and meals because of my work, I am in great condition thanks to the delicious traditional grain cooking that my wife prepares at home!
Wife: Thank you from all my heart!! I will keep making delicious food with all my love!
Child: Mom, let’s do ‘pwa-wa-waa” again☺!!


When I was a sophomore in high school, I encountered Tubu-Tubu and as a result of this healthy eating, I became cheerful and active as if I were another person!
I am a trainee at the Atelier of Life in Yamagata.

Kiyomi Kitabatake (Aomori)

How did you encounter Tubu-Tubu?

When I was in junior high school I suffered from anorexia nervosa. Food became unappealing, and would not go down my throat. My weight went down to 28kg (61 lbs) and a doctor told us it would have been too late if we had come to the hospital any later. I remained in the hospital and little by little recovered my weight through diet therapy. However the meal for the first day was gyudon (bowl of rice topped with seasoned beef). The meal was based on close calorie calculation and it was too salty for my taste. Furthermore the amount was unimaginably above my tolerance level. I tearfully ate it. The burden on my heart did not dissolve at the hospital. I started to have a question after experiencing life in this hospital. “Is my body really getting better by being forced to eat what I do not want to eat?” “Does nutrition really consist of numbers?” I started to look up and study diet. Then I became familiar with the vegetarian diet and started to go to one natural food shop. The manager invited me to the Future Food Survival Seminar (the current Future Food Seminar) Scene 1. When I looked at the seminar flier, my intuition told me “I might be able to change with this.” That very night I had a talk with my parents asserting my own will for the first time in my life and as a result I was able to take the seminar.

Do you have anything impressive about the change you have had since you joined in the seminar?

Before I took the seminar I used to have a negative way of thinking and I had a sort of anthropophobia and I was not good at meeting people. Also, Even though I had something that I wanted to do, I often gave up because of my self‐effacing personality. When I encountered Tubu-Tubu I knew “This is what I want to do!” I ate Tubu-Tubu cooking and became healthy and my energy started to flow. Even though I could not smile before, I began to smile more. My family and friends said that I became cheerful. I knew that I wanted to continue with this. Last year I went from Aomori to Tokyo monthly to learn Tubu-Tubu over the course of one year and I also started cooking classes. I left home by myself and had a big adventurous trip to join in the open house and visit Tubu-Tubu Mothers for one month during summer vacation. I became so active, more than I would have ever imagined. In fact, I became a different person by taking the seminar! My way of thinking also changed. I used to be stubborn perfectionist, but I started to be able to think more flexibly. I think this is because I understood the answers are not something you can get by relying only on outside information. It exists inside of me and I found the base in myself.

How was your family’s reaction?

At the beginning, their reaction was “Tubu-Tubu???” and they were rather skeptical. But as my changes were dramatic and they were eating what I cooked from my learning during the seminar, they began to accept it. Last October my parents also took the Future Food Survival Seminar (the current Future Food Seminar) Scene 1 and they are now supporting what I am doing. My family relationship brightened and we are now closer to each other.

Please tell us about your prospect for the future!

I started a life as Tubu-Tubu trainee in Atelier of Life in Yamagata last April. I would like to experience a simple life surrounded by magnificent nature and broaden and heighten my various potentials. I love drawing and I realized drawing and cooking have a lot of things in common. Construction, balance, imagination, creativity …… I would like to become “the artist at the dining table.” I want to make the best of my skill in art and enjoy the art of using freshly harvested vegetables and traditional grains to create a wonderful dish!