Our Tubu-Tubu Seminar Supports “Be the New You!”

Tubu-Tubu seminars started in 1995. Yumiko has taught thousands of people her theory and skills that have helped their lives glow both inwardly and outwardly. Tubu-Tubu is not only about the cooking of traditional grains, it is also about a new life style that can help make both your body and mind brighten as a result. A simple diet makes life simple. Just by eating delicious food, anguish stored within your heart and body can quickly disappear! The world you live in changes as you change. First, your mind and body can change. Second, your family can change. Third, the world around you can change.

Eating is the most basic of human needs. Before beginning to learn about cooking, you will have the chance to learn about your essence and nature as human beings. Our teachings and process will take you beyond most ideas of healthy eating. Tubu-Tubu theory is so sensible that your mind can easily grasp it and it will also clearly bring out your innate vitality. You will be free from information over load. Your mind and brain will be clear and you will be able to trust your body.

We are afraid we cannot deliver this information adequately through books. You are bound by limited knowledge and gaining any new knowledge cannot really release you from old knowledge or beliefs. You need to learn through experiencing and feeling in order to really understand. We hope you will come and experience a Tubu-Tubu seminar, which can help you understand this important new approach to living a healthy abundant life.


The Two Bases of the Seminars

Tubu-Tubu Seminars follow two main directions.
One is the Future Food Seminar, which is the step of learning to awaken the new you through changing your diet.
The other is the Tennyo Seminar, which is the step of learning to create the new you through a change of awareness.
If you take the two seminars together and enjoy practicing what you have learned you can then freely enjoy the present moment with confidence. Very soon you will begin to inwardly and outwardly radiate renewed life energy and expression.

The First Step is Changing Your Diet.

The first step toward the new you is to begin the work of rebuilding your body by detoxifying and purifying the cells physically and mentally through changes in your diet. If your body is polluted by toxic substance and wastes then your brain cells and other organs will not be able to function properly. Furthermore, many negative memories are accumulated in the cells. As you practice Tubu-Tubu Food day after day, the negative memories will disappear from your cells, your mind as well as your body will regain your original energy and vitality will flow.

In the Future Food Seminar we are helping you change your diet in a short period of time through the following three Scenes: “Survival by Eating Delicious Food,” “Miracle Sweets,” and “Energy Cooking.” All three are based on our original programming and make extensive use of visuals.


The Real Step toward New You, Tennyo Seminar

If you take the Tubu-Tubu Food Seminar and continuously practice it, the quality and vibration of your cells will change and the structure of your consciousness will also begin to change. You will have the feeling that your whole body is filled with clear consciousness and energy like you have never experienced before. Various thoughts and impulses will flow from inside. If you grew up with our modern sense of value, you might not know how to deal with it.

The Tennyo Seminars are prepared in order to solve these problems. We are helping you change your diet for a short period of time through the following three Scenes: “Introduction,” “Awakening,” and “Discovery of Me.” All three are based on our original programming and the program also makes extensive use of visuals.

Unique Seminar Style

セミナースタイル1 セミナースタイル2 セミナースタイル3

You can continue to learn at your own pace.

After the Future Food Seminar - Scene 1, you can continue to learn about food and consciousness at your own pace.

Rebuild Your Body with Tubu-Tubu Food!

1. Learn the immediate effect of cooking skills as well as the relationship between body and food, which has not been taught with such depth before this.

2. Deepen your learning about life and gain the knowledge and skill for making tasty sweets without feeling guilty or having fear of gaining weight.

3. Complete learning about diet, which energizes our lives. Acquire the knowledge and skills of energy cooking that heighten the quality of your body and increase your power.

Change the Structure of Your Consciousness with Tennyo Lesson!

1. Understand how your individual mechanism works.

2. Understand the mechanism of the world surrounding you.

3. Discover yourself at ever-deepening levels.

Basic Seminar System of Tubu-Tubu


Other Seminars

Future Creation Seminar -
 Scene 1/ Easy child rearing up to age seven.
 Scene 2/ Easy child rearing up to age fourteen with a focus on growth through adolescence.
 Scene 3 /Easy child rearing for young adults up to twenty one years of age helping them to launch successful adult lives.

Future Food Cooking School -
 Basic     12 lessons (one year)
 Advanced  12 lessons (one year)

Tennyo School -
 3 lessons x 8 (2 years)