Participants’ Review


Life Changing Make Up School "Bijuku" : Junko Sasaki

"Tubu-Tubu is comprised of meals that please the cells in our bodies and harmonizes the mind and body."

I am a lecturer as well as a trainer of the lecturers of the Bijuku makeup school, which can turn people's inferiority complexes into their charm. I was originally a nutritionist and I thought I had been careful about what I ate.

On the other hand, I loved sweets and indulged in chocolate and other sweets almost every day. But I had a chance to hear about Tubu-Tubu cooking from Tubu-Tubu Mother Makiko Shinozawa in Yamato city. I took the Future Food Seminar Scene 1 and was shocked to learn how food and the life force work. As I enjoyed eating various Tubu-Tubu dishes around Japan and as I cooked Tubu-Tubu my taste changed and I began to not want sweets. Instead I began to want what my body needs.

How delicious Tubu-Tubu cooking is!! How can it have such a deep and profound flavor with only salt, "Umi no Sei" and organic soy sauce and miso? With every bite I can tell my body’s cells are happy.

This is the meal that harmonizes the mind and body! I hope many people will learn about Tubu-Tubu cooking and will have lively and healthy minds and bodies.


Kiraku-kan CEO Mayumi Okutani

I have to say … the Future Food Seminar was very interesting!! I was worried I might not be able to last that long! lol The hard part was only sitting on my bottom for so long!! lol

She did not force anything on us such as “You cannot eat that!” “You must eat this!” It was not learning about “good food for my body” but learning about the interrelationships of life. It was really good that we could understand the role of food in that sense.

I understand “natural food is not necessarily good for my body.” I solved the riddle of why I could not find vegetarian people who have very healthy bodies. The focus of the seminar was completely the same as what I am trying to tell people in my body lessons. Through the seminar I also had many important new discoveries.

It was great I could take it together with all of my staff. Many other people’s faces also came to my mind during the seminar like “I want that person to listen.” “I want this person to listen.” Everyone should take it at least once in his or her lifetime.


Storyteller of sacred sex / advocate of anti-diet : Matsuriko Natsume

I retook Future Food Seminar Scene 1 more than five years after I immersed myself in its predecessors the Future Food Survival Seminar and the Miracle Sweets Seminar.

First of all, I was impressed at how much it had been upgraded! It was not only that the content of the text evolved but also it was full of new ingenuity with how Yumiko presents information and how she speaks. The seminar was redesigned to be a time to enjoy a live performance instead of just studying..

In the seminar we enjoyed lively keywords and illustrations filled with wisdom. At the same time we experienced rare images such as the growing process for traditional grains, which are full of vitality. The cutting-edge information presented is poured like a shower upon the audience to help us acquire the sensitivity to see the essence of life and world. The dishes we tasted after the cooking skill demonstration were so delicious and more satisfying than anyone can imagine. I can feel this inside of my body

Anyway, Scene 1 is full of the heart of the information and it is also wonderful that participants are asked not to open the textbook during the seminar. The textbook that will be your souvenir is like a high quality picture book for adults and very impressive.

I highly recommend the live seminar that is so carefully woven by Yumiko, my senior who sees the direction of the world and life in the same way as myself.

Handloom Workshop Patanko-ya Yasuko Takagi

Handloom Workshop Patanko-ya Yasuko Takagi

Tubu-Tubu gives you the opportunity to brighten your life.

The seminar was held over a long period of time but it seemed to pass in an instant. Tubu-Tubu cooking was so delicious that I could feel both my mind and body were really happy!

I was able to understand that it is important to eat delicious food that we want not logically but physically as well as to eat with a delightful heart.

In addition, my encounter with Yumiko had a great impact on me. I had never met such a radiant person!

I was surprised at how she glowed from her real nature, she was energetic and was talking in a lively manner.

Furthermore, her talk about Tubu-Tubu cooking was actually about how to live. I don’t know why but after taking the seminar my relationship with people changed. It may be because I alsolearned about lifestyle and spirituality and I received energy from Yumiko.

Like a breath of fresh air, I began to encounter only comfortable people. In that sense, Future Food Seminar was a turning point in my life. I believe that Tubu-Tubu is something that gives you the opportunity to brighten your life.

Japan Vegetarian Society (NPO) Representative Dr. Michiru Kakimoto

Japan Vegetarian Society (NPO) Representative Dr. Michiru Kakimoto

(Saniku Gakuin College Distinguished Professor, doctor of dentistry, International Vegetarian Union(IVU) life member, IVU former counselor.

World-class “ultimate vegan food”

The content of the seminar was so fulfilling that I forgot about the direct hit of the typhoon during the lecture.

Although the content is very condensed, I could see that her clear explanation had deepened people’s understanding.

Tubu-Tubu vegan food maintains the form of traditional Japanese food and it satisfies nutritional needs.

I believe Tubu-Tubu is a world-class sophisticated “ultimate vegan food”.

Tubu-Tubu cuisine has varieties from Japanese to Italian.

I am sure the participants enjoyed the gathering over extremely delicious vegan food and they were satisfied with what they ate as well as what they felt in their hearts.

I can find a lot in common across the activities of our Society with this theme, “vegetarian lifestyle friendly to both people and earth”.

I was happy I found our comrade.

President Nishio of Food,ltd, was also very satisfied with the seminar.

I wish your laboratory and Future Food Seminar will have many more successful years.

Hikaru Land, Inc. CEO Takeshi Ishii

Hikaru Land, Inc. CEO Takeshi Ishii

Since I periodically started to eat traditional grain cooking at BUONA! TUBUTUBU and Tubu-Tubu Café my health condition changed and my body became light.

I feel my condition is always better the day after I eat Tubu-Tubu. I begin to feel fidgety if I do not go to eat there periodically.

I not only think Tubu-Tubu is delicious but I also agree with the theory of Tubu-Tubu which includes life force and impacts on the entire planet. I am convinced that Tubu-Tubu Future Food is the diet suited for human beings and the earth. It is a diet, which is evolving and spreading around the world.

I would like to shift to this kind of diet quickly. I will start to adopt it from simple recipes when I have meals at home.

Future Food Seminar - Scene 1

With Tubu-Tubu it is easy to make tasty food and satisfies both the mind and body!

I am vegetarian but I used to wonder somewhere in my mind, “Am I getting enough protein?” “Is the nutrition enough?”
But I now know that with Tubu-Tubu, I can make easy, more delicious and a greater variety of food than just brown rice. Now both my mind and body can be satisfied. I will continue to proceed down the Tubu-Tubu path without hesitation or worry.
(Tomo – participant June, 2013.)

I easily learned what I had wanted to know and it was even better than I expected!
I am convinced and very impressed!!

I had already been moved and excited by reading her books. I really felt experiencing the seminar live with others was very meaningful. I used to be unable to make a move because of fear of doing something wrong and concerns about dangers. I now feel released from these limitations and thrown open. With food I was always captured and attached, but now it seems we can utilize it for reviving our lives. I am very excited!
(Tomiko Kurimoto – age 30’s, participant December, 2012.)

I was saved by encountering new ways to think and how to be more aware.

There are so many diets telling us not to do this and not to do that. I was saved by encountering Yumiko’s energetic, exciting, and glowing Tubu-Tubu cooking, her way of thinking and consciousness. I would like to rebuild my body and my Mother’s body, help change our awareness, and spread the word about Tubu-Tubu positively and naturally to people around me.
(Akiko Suzukawa - 30’s, participant April, 2012.)

I used to be confused after reading various books, but my brain is clear now.

I used to think everyday cooking is too much trouble and depressing. I used to have poor circulation and my hands and feet would often chill. I wanted to solve the problem but I realized I was practicing the wrong diet. I think cooking will be fun now. I am really glad that I took the seminar. Thank you.
(Haruhide/Nukue Kubota - 30’s, participant December, 2012.)

I am remembering to return to my innate self.

I always had a belief that I could not cook, but today’s recipe was so simple that these old worries are gone. It is not the feeling like “I got out” or “I proceeded”. I feel that I am looking inside of myself and I am remembering to go back to my innate self.
(R - participant April, 2012.)

I could connect food and spiritual matters.

Of course I was interested in food and health. I was very happy to also learn about spiritual matters with Tubu-Tubu. It was great to learn that food was connected to spirituality as spirituality has become increasingly important in my awareness. The chance to eat traditional grains used to be only when I cooked with rice, but now I know how delicious it is and how much variety it offers after having the Tubu-Tubu lunch.
(anonymous - participant May, 2013.)

Future Food Seminar - Scene 2

These sweets are not hard on our bodies and, instead, make us feel happy.

It was awesome. From rice dumpling to chocolate, they were fast appearing. I would like to make all of them at home. I had never cooked most of these Tubu-Tubu dishes, but since Yumiko made them in front of me and I could taste them, I was able to visualize the image of myself cooking this food confidently. “I can!” If I eat sweets that include sugar and additives, I feel sick, but the sweets that I ate today were not hard on my body. I thought it was wonderful.
(Reiko Ito – participant July, 2012.)

Everything was wonderful and delicious! Now I would like to pass it on to my family right away!

Yumiko’s talk was very interesting and her demonstration was very easy to grasp. I ate and watched, so now I am sure I can make them just fine at home. I hope I will be able to make them better and better, gain confidence, and then be able to recommend them to others.
(Yoshie Okada - 40’s, participant June, 2013.)

Future Food Seminar - Scene 3

I am impressed! Yumiko is a magician for cooking and Tennyo!

The cooking that I learned during the two days was delicious, cool and easy to make using ingredients that I can find at home. Plus the meals make us healthy. I do not think anyone else but Yumiko could think of such unique foods. Her talk about the consciousness for the world of Tennyo was also amazing. Now I will be careful what I imagine and I will be excited about what will happen from now on. I will enjoy good health after I go back to home too.
(Mitsue Sakaoka - 50’s, participant November, 2012.)

Cooking is all connected to how we live our life.

Scene 3 was the longest seminar among all the seminars that I had taken from Scene 1, but I felt it was the shortest. I learned that cooking is all connected to how we live our life and I felt very comfortable that I could understand the connection. I feel that my body became more and more relaxed and I got back my natural smile.
(Akiko Tokairin - 20’s, participant February, 2013.)

Future Food Cooking School

I not only learned how to make food but also broadened and deepened my horizons.

We learned once a month throughout the four seasons. Both the content and pace were perfect. I learned cooking beyond any scale that I could imagine. I learned to solve questions, and to broaden and deepen my horizons. I learned not only how to make food but I also learned and absorbed many things such as Miku’s bold way of touching and using ingredients, and his words that connect with how to live. I have also met wonderful friends who I can keep learning with and making steps together.
(Atsumi Tejima - participant 2012-2013)

I got to know seasonal cookery and became sensitively aware of the voice within my body.

The cookery seminar has the courses timed with each season. After one year of learning cooking methods suited with the season and using seasonal ingredients I realized I had changed. I became more sensitive to the voice of my body such as I do not want to eat cucumber when summer is over or I feel like eating cooked dishes filed with root vegetables and dishes made of barnyard millet. My husband and I are enjoying eating saying “Tubu-Tubu is so delicious!” This is what I am very happy about.
(Kimiko Kazahaya - participant 2012.)

Tennyo Seminar - Scene 1

My heart and body are filled with love.

I would like to continue the “I love you!” and “Discovering Excitement Diary” that I learned little by little everyday as it helped to increase my happy aura. My heart and body were filled with love. I would like to increase my wave as I can feel more and more love and wish to give it to others. I will confidently move on to the world that I wish for.
(Miho Murakami - 40’s, participant May, 2013.)

I could feel this is resonating with each other.

I really felt good singing with everyone. Different kinds of blocks disappeared while singing. I felt this is what is resonating with each other. Now I am aware that I have a large capacity to be receptive…as Yumiko accepts us. Tubu-Tubu is there, uniting bits and pieces of information and skills. So, I believe in Tubu-Tubu and keep practicing it.
(Chizu Okada - 40’s, participant April, 2013.)

Tennyo Seminar - Scene 2

I received a new realization and energy of the source of creation.

Yumiko, thank you always. Every time I listen to your talk, I receive a new realization. You always give me specific remedies when my daily life felt flat and my wave started to go down. You give me the energy of the source of creation. Please let me feel the dream, increasing Tubu-Tubu fellows, having the flower garden of Tennyo bloom, and turning all over the world.
(Machiko Sasaki - 50’s, participant April, 2013.)

I felt my soul inspired.

I remembered the feeling that I used to have in my twenties, “I have innate potential hidden within myself. A wonderful future is spreading ahead!” I usually receive things with my brain and try to understand them mentally, but this time I felt my soul was inspired at the seminar as it appealed to the five human senses. 。
(Chika Oyama. Joined in April, 2013.)

Tennyo Seminar - Scene 3

My inner self has changed! This one remark is enough. I had already been inspired taking the seminars but although I grasped them in my brain, somehow I could not change. But taking the Tennyo Seminar - Scene 3, suddenly I understood all of my previous learning . Compared to the time before I took the seminar, I feel calmer in my heart. Instead of being worried about this and that, I would like to connect with the real me now. I am moving into my own adventure.
(Mai Sawada - participant October, 2013.)

Tennyo School

This is a magical seminar that can help pin point answers in areas that you are worried about. I could not digest everything at the seminar so I took it home and reviewed it with my husband. I feel us improving as a couple. Today my mind was eased even more. I would like to realize more about the fact that I HAD accumulated resistance to something without knowing and was now able to release this resistance.
(Aya Maeda - participant Section 1-3 2013)

Make action with the heart of tennyo.

When I make action with the heart of tennyo, time expands and I get someone’s hand immediately. Things like this have been happening around me. Everything is up to me, including how I think, I know I can create my future! All my worries disappeared and so has my impatient feeling of saying I should be doing something, I need to find something.
(Nobuko Iwasaki - participant Section 1-3 2013)