There is No Real Food!
There is No Real Information!

“What we eat everyday is different from what our bodies want.” “Almost all food information flooding over us is information against life!” The earth, a water planet embraced by love is in the process of changing to a desert of life caused by humanity’s destructive sense of value and lifestyle. Sadly enough most of the daily food that you believe is “normal” is now what shuts off the important innate power in the bodies of you and your children. For some this makes the mind ill.

It is the same about “information.” The information, which deviates from the rule of life has surged in like a flood and we cannot tell which information is honest even if it is. Doctors, nurses, midwives, food developers, journalists, teachers, those who connect thoughtful producers and thoughtful consumers, and many others from various fields who have the role and responsibility of exposing the truth have started to warn us about the facts.

Knowing the problem is a big first step toward a solution. However knowing the problem without knowing the existence of an oasis, which has a river flowing toward real food and real information will only increase anxiety and in fact may be harmful.


Open with delicious Tubu-Tubu home cooking!
The New You!
The New Life!
The New Earth!

Delicious home cooking following the rule of nature has the power of bringing out and heightening your ability for living.

You have the ability to protect your body from environmental pollution and to realize your best self, your best life, and your best world.

Let Us Tell You About Real Food and Real Information!

Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko sought information from both tradition and the forefront of science, catalogued the data, examined it, verified it by practice, and sorted out while she cooked traditional grains on a daily basis. As a result of much research, she reached “the oasis of food and information,” real food and real information. And taking more than a year she put it all together and published her book, “Mirai-shoku (Future Food. Energy Cooking Skills for Surviving in the Era of Environmental Pollution.” This was eighteen years ago.

The Future Food Seminar is an entrance to the oasis of life where you can learn about real food and real information. We have been helping people change their diet in Japan for the last eighteen years. In the first step, Scene 1, you will learn about life, food, and your body while mastering the basics of simple home cooking. This experience holds the power to heighten the energy waves of your mind and body in only one day.

The immediate effect and the scale of the effect can be outstanding. Thousands of people who have taken the seminar have renewed minds and bodies. They are flowing with these new vibrations and report they are grateful from the bottom of their hearts.


Learn the Rule of Energy Through Cooking and Hone Your Intuition.


“I cannot believe cooking has such power!” It is very natural that you think this way. However it is already a proven fact that the food, which heightens the life force of your body will also help adjust your brain waves, foster the production of hormones for a healthy body and increase the amount of luminescence you radiate. People sometimes say, “She/He is glowing!” Those who look as if they are glowing are actually emitting light from the cells of their body and shining brightly.

You can learn the rule of energy through the process of cooking while making most of the two major energies of creation, fire and water. The process of cooking is a series of decisions and with each one you will be able to improve your intuition as a result of focusing clearly on the process.

Now let us introduce the Future Food Seminar.


Welcome to the delicious and fun world of Tubu-Tubu!
In the Future Food Seminar - Scene 1 you will have the chance to cultivate your sensibility for telling real food from other types, learn and recall the rule of life, and gain the basics of delicious cooking that pleases your cells. You will master the techniques to change your table beginning today with simple delicious Tubu-Tubu cooking that you can put into use right away.
Let’s learn the real relation between life and food and master diet skills as a core management technique for your life!

[ What you learn in Scene 1 ]
♪ The balance sheet of food and life
♪ Foods and cooking methods to warm your body
♪ Food and how to eat to keep your blood alkali
♪ Basic cooking skill instruction to purify mind and body
♪ How to use hie (barnyard millet), awa (foxtail millet), and kibi (yellow millet)
♪ Tune the sense of taste
♪ The reason why women cannot quit eating sweets and easy solutions
♪ The reason why men cannot quit eating meat and easy solutions
♪ The basic of easy child care
♪ Experience the mechanism of your life and mind.
♪ The immediately effective cooking techniques where “delicious” and “healthy” coexist
You will learn the cooking techniques through our original videos developed for your smooth understanding.
There will be no cooking practice involved.

[ How you change after taking Scene 1 ]
・ Expand your sensitivity and ability to tell real food.
・ Be clearer and not easily twisted around by information
・ Understand how to change your diet following the blueprint to structure the base of a nutritious diet.

[ Time ] 10:00am to 19:30pm
+ Tubu-Tubu gourmet experience and party Until 9:00pm
  or Dinner party for sharing Until 8:30pm

未来食セミナーScene1 no!

● Tubu-Tubu Future Food is vegan vegetarian. (No egg or dairy product.)
● We use salt (Uminosei) and fermented flavor made by traditional manufacturing method.
● We use organic ingredients.
● We do not use sugar, honey, maple syrup, beet sugar, or purified/condensed sweetener.
● Chemical or synthetic seasonings free. We do not use baking soda, baking powder, gelatin, or chocolate.

[  Fee ]
55,000 yen (Includes lunch, dinner, text , cooking DVD)Lecturer: Tubu-Tubu

Lecturer: Tubu-Tubu Mother
333,000 yen (Includes lunch for food tasting)
+ Tubu-Tubu gourmet experience and social dinner party 5,000yen
  or dinner party for sharing thoughts and ideas 3,000yen
> >Party details here.(In Japanese)

[  Qualification for Attending ]
This seminar is open to everyone.

Yumiko is the creator of Tubu-Tubu. She has delivered the skills for health and happiness to thousands of people around Japan. She has done this through the wisdom and skills of “Tubu-Tubu,” which she created in 1995 to brighten people’s lives.


Tubu-Tubu Mothers are Tubu-Tubu messengers authorized by Tubu-Tubu. They have the qualification of lecturer of “Future Food Seminar - Scene 1” and are actively making the best of their originality and talent in each region of Japan.


【Special offers are available!】Apply for Future Food Seminar Scene 1, 2, 3 all together for a great deal! > Details here.(In japanese)

Three Points that You Can Learn Well.

ポイント1 ポイント2 ポイント3

How will You Change After the Seminar and the Practice


1. Physical discomfort can be solved.

Your innate healing power can wake up and dissolve cold constitution, anemia, rough skin, atopy, allergy, constipation, menstrual disorder, sterility, obesity, being too thin, and fast aging.

2. Mental condition can be balanced.

You will be able to trust food and your body and you will become more positive and enthusiastic.
You can be free from the feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear, doubt, criticism, and dependence..

3. The life of cooking and eating can easily take root into everyday living.

Cooking can become exciting and delicious with food that family, friends and any gourmet would be satisfied with.
Our cooking techniques follow the simple and systematic rule of the universe.

4. Raising children can become easy and fun.

You can come to understand simple and easy child-care techniques, which do not require baby food.

5. You can gain a more creative life in which you are the star.

As you cook in perfect control using food and fire, which are two of the major universe energies your five senses and ability to make decisions will be polished.
Soon you will be able to enjoy your life and relationships with other people in a more self-directed manner.



We are very excited to offer this important seminar focused on making sweets that will energize your body, while helping you develop a healthy relationship between your body and sweets. The knowledge you will gain in this seminar can help with any anxiety you may have about sweets and their effect on your mind and body.

Together we will help you master traditional grain-based miracle sweets made without sugar, eggs or milk, while helping you realize a sweet life without guilt! It is easy, delicious and healthy!

[ What will you learn in Scene 2? ]
・ The reasons why we do not use sugar.
・ Water and life. – The circulation of water is the circulation of your life.
・ Salt and life. – An important yet often misunderstood mineral that harmonizes the function of the human life force.
・ The relationship between sweets, body, and mind. Good sweetness for your body.
・ The causes of visceral fat and obesity.
・ The causes of hypoglycemia.
・ The causes of cold constitution stemming from poor blood circulation.
・ What to drink and how to drink including drinks that warm your body, etc.

[ Live Cooking ]
・Mastering the recipe of the traditional grain sweetener amazake.
・The art of using amazake and traditional grain cooking.
Curry made of brown rice flour and amazake, amaranth pasta, ragi paste sandwiches, foxtail millet soup, caramel pudding made of ragi flour, ragi flour cookies, etc.
・The art of Tubu-Tubu miracle sweets.
Foxtail millet donuts, foxtail millet flour biscuits, grape mousse, french toast, sorghum chocolate truffle, sorghum chocolate fondue, custard sweets made of barnyard millet flour, compotes, soft rice dumplings, foxtail millet and sesame buns, boiled rice cake with walnut and miso sauce, prime sweet red bean paste, 3 minute ponsen cream, amazake fruit shake, popped amaranth, etc.
 In this seminar you will have the opportunity to master about twenty different kinds of miracle.


[ How will you change after Scene 2? ]
・Any feelings of guilt toward sweets will disappear.
・You will be able to easily make sweets.
・You will know what to do should you become ill.
・You will learn real knowledge about the intake of salt and water.

[ Time ] Day 1 1:00pm to 9:00pm (Includes dinner)
Day 2 9:00am to 18:30pm (Includes lunch)

[ Fee ]
66,600 yen (Includes dinner for Day 1 and lunch for Day 2)

[ Qualification for Attending ]
Already taken Future Food Seminar - Scene 1.
Be a Tubu-Tubu member.

[ Lecturer ]
Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko

【Special offers are available!】Apply for Future Food Seminar Scene 1, 2, 3 all together for a great deal! > Details here.(In Japanese)


In this seminar you will have the opportunity to master Tubu-Tubu cooking techniques that enable you to enjoy relaxed cooking! You will learn the basics of how to cook with traditional grains including techniques for delicious, easy, rich tasting meals, party menus, and other topics. In addition, you will learn to be in control of becoming healthier based on your condition and how to match your diet with each season.

[ What will you learn in Scene 3? ]
・Read and understand the Balance Sheet of Food and Life.
・Identify the yin and yang balance of food.
・Learn to adjust the yin and yang balance of food by cooking.
・The essential function of oil – Healthy oils for your body.
・Alcohol and life – Recover the trust relationship.
・The alkaline foods that you have to be careful about.
・How to go beyond bounds, how to balance, and how to detoxify.
・How to adjust food preparation to meet individual differences, children, older people, male, female and pregnant women.
・How to eat adjusting with the changing seasons.
・Kitchen first-aid-kit. Simple treatments that have immediate effects, etc.

[ Live Cooking ]
・Day 1 Lunch
Techniques for preparing Tubu-Tubu kofta with arrowroot starch, six kinds of vegetarian cooking prepared using the sauté and other cooking methods, brown rice porridge with Job’s tear, etc.
・Day 1 Dinner
Tubu-Tubu Tortilla, buckwheat sausage, mushroom and vegetable cream stew, how to cook brown rice, etc.
・Day 2 Lunch
Sautéed sorghum wrapped with lettuce, Job’s tear salad with sesame cream dressing, marinated hijiki seaweed, Tubu-Tubu chapatti, barnyard millet flour mayonnaise, etc.
・Day 2 Dinner
Techniques of kurumabu gourmet, meat-like sorghum sauce, ethnic meat-like sorghum sauce, quinoa soup and salad, foxtail millet gratin, etc.


[ How will you change after Scene 3? ]
・You will have mastered cooking techniques for all the traditional grains!
・You will be able to cook dishes that all your family members including men and children are satisfied with.
・You will understand the art of planning diets fit for individual differences.
・You will be able to build your body to adjust to each season.
・You will learn that you do not have to restrain yourself from oil and alcohol!

[ Time ] Day 1 9:00am to 9:00om (Includes lunch and dinner.)
Day 2 9:00am to 9:00pm (Includes lunch and dinner.)

[ Fee ]
99,900 yen

[ Qualification for Attending ]
Already taken Future Food Seminar - Scene 1 & 2.
Be a Tubu-Tubu member.

[ Lecturer ]
Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko

【Special offers are available!】Apply for Future Food Seminar Scene 1, 2, 3 all together for a great deal! > Details here.(In Japanese)


You can master Tubu-Tubu cuisine for each of the four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter!Two courses, [Basic] and [Advanced] are available. In our Basic course you will learn the basic skills of traditional grain cooking, how to use vegetables and dried food, and cooking techniques harmonizing the seasons. After taking the Basic course, you can take our advanced course and broaden the range of your cooking skills enabling you to step up to a higher standard. You will learn and understand the characteristics of traditional grains. With this knowledge you can produce delicious combinations and master the total coordination of menus. You will have the opportunity to learn recipes and menus that are not printed in any books.

[ How will you change after Future Food School – Basic? ]
・You will make great progress in Tubu-Tubu traditional grain cooking!
・You will understand how to use food ingredients such as vegetables, and dried foods.
・You will be able to utilize seasonal food ingredients and make use of seasonal cooking methods.
・You will learn how easy it is to enjoy Tubu-Tubu cooking, etc.

[ How will you change after Future Food School – Advanced? ]
・You will have greater variety in your Tubu-Tubu traditional cooking.
・You will be able to make party menus.
・You will know how to prepare balanced menus.
・You will know how to cook for many people.

[Spring] April, May, June
[Summer] July, August September
[Fall] October, November, December
[Winter] January, February, March

[ Time ] [Basic]9:00am to 1:00pm《Includes lunch.》
[Advanced]3:00pm to 8:30pm《Includes dinner.》


[ Fee (for each basic and advanced) ]
88,800 yen (for one course.)

[ Qualification for Attending ]
[ Basic ] Already taken Future Food Seminar - Scene 1, 2, 3. 
Be a Tubu-Tubu member.
[ Advanced ] Already taken (or applied for) all the classes for Future Food School – Basic.
Be a Tubu-Tubu member.

[ Lecturer ]
Tubu-Tubu Head Chef Miku Gota