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This email magazine is for those English-speakers who would like to learn about Tubu-Tubu. Subscribers to the email magazine will enjoy a wide range of content. Yumiko will deliver a variety of topics about Tubu-Tubu Future Food, New Cuisine from Japan. She will also offer a wide variety of information to help you evolve with our planet that is transforming and progressing rapidly with the wave of Aquarius. Through various approaches Yumiko will deliver the latest relevant information on our planet to help women awaken and remember their innate power to take action, increase their brightness and to become their “new selves.”

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Tubu-Tubu Future Food Lessons for Beginners!

– offers the basic information for changing your diet and the essential points for avoiding failure.

Tubu-Tubu Future Food Special Content

– Tubu-Tubu home cooking recipes, kitchen tips, etc. in English. Subscribers are the first to learn new information, tips and techniques.

Future Food Seminar Information

– The latest information about Future Food Seminars which will be offered in Japanese and English as well as the live English seminars available in Japan.

News and Event Information

– The latest information regarding other news and events inside and outside of Japan! Includes, the campaign information, updates from our restaurant and café as well as information about cooking lessons and Tubu-Tubu gourmet parties.

Tips & Bits from Yumiko

– Additional, useful information that Yumiko loves to share with you including health, housekeeping, future, kotodama (word spirit), encounters, how to judge information, money, sex, communication arts, fashion, body care, makeup, etc…….

Here are the first six days of content that you will receive:

Tubu-Tubu Future Food Lessons for Beginners

Day1 How can I start?
Day2 The harmony of teamwork and creation
Day3 The trap you easily fall into when changing diet
Day4 Real freedom
Day5 The traditional grain "sorghum" can help solve the environmental crisis and improve our lives at the same time.
Day6 The day when your kitchen changes to an "Atelier of Life"

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