Tubu-Tubu Future Food - New Cuisine from Japan

Stylishly Revives the Wisdom and Skills of Original Traditional Japanese Food

Tubu-Tubu Future Food is the creation of an ultimate gourmet diet, which accelerate people’s lives into the incoming energies of the twenty first century.

Tubu-Tubu Future Food is the translation of the wisdom of the traditional Japanese diet using contemporary tastes. Tubu-Tubu Future Food represents and creates harmony through the energy vreated by eating traditional grains, vegetables and seaweed. It is the art of diet that brings vitality to people’s minds, bodies and the earth. It also includes simple and stylish gourmet vegetarian cuisine, which is delicious to your tongue, body, and mind.‬‬‬‬

Traditional Japanese diet and the wisdom and skills, which support it, are amazingly wonderful. Genuine traditional Japanese cuisine makes it possible for us to have a dream-like diet. This style of cuisine not only prevents food from rotting due to humidity and lack of refrigeration but it also heightens the energetic wave of the food as it preserves it. Today the food many Japanese think of as Japanese food and the world recognizes as Japanese food is the descendant of special cuisine for aristocracy and fancy restaurants. These are the foods that have been invaded by dried bonito, chicken, and sugar and have drifted far away from the real traditional Japanese food. This does not represent the original knowledge of healthy food.

The diet style known as,“Tubu-Tubu Future Food, New Cuisine from Japan” was created to suit modern lifestyles and sense utilizing “the basic rules” of the wisdom and skills, which the true traditional Japanese cuisine had. Each time you taste Tubu-Tubu, your body will be filled with deep satisfaction as you enjoy delicious foods you have never tasted.

Tubu-Tubu’s creator is Food Designer, Yumiko (Yumiko Otani). Since 1982 she has developed more than 3000 recipes through the process of studying and practicing for thirty years. Throughout this time she has been continually creating new recipes. In 1995 she published “Mirai-shoku (Future Food. Skills for Surviving in the Era of Environmental Pollution)” and she started the “Future Food Seminars.”   *Tubu-Tubu= the nickname for traditional grains.


The Balance Sheet of Food and Life
- Two Indicators for Evaluating Food -

Tubu-Tubu Future Food offers “The Balance Sheet of Food and Life” to help easily identify the foods that fulfill the physiological needs of your body. This chart shows the two natures of the foods that influence health. The vertical axis is the scale shows whether it warms or cools the body and the horizontal axis is the scale indicates whether it acidizes or alkalizes blood. If you find where the food is located in this chart, you know how to balance your daily meals on your own. When I checked the world’s traditional meals with this balance sheet, I discovered that people used to eat in a healthy manner that fits in the beautiful circle. They were eating a diet that makes warm alkali blood. You will learn where each food is located in the balance sheet at Future Food Seminar – Scene 1.‬


On the other hand, if you apply this chart to modern diets, you can see they consist of foods that chill the body excessively. This makes the blood acid, thick and sticky. If you are in this dangerous boomerang range, nothing can do you good even if you restrict a variety of foods. Consider changing to the world of Tubu-Tubu Future Food, which is a refined Japanese traditional healthy diet. When you eat these delicious and healthy foods, you are free to eat any amount you want without concern for weight gain or any other negative effect.


The Five Guidelines

If you master the theory of Tubu-Tubu Future Food, you will be released from the trouble of calculating calories following the food composition table. You will learn clear guidelines for a healthy diet and no longer be manipulated by all the confusing ads and erroneous information. Your body is one continuous life system, which is nourished not only by nutrient components or calories, but also by eating in harmony with nature.

A dietary lifestyle that pleases your heart and body.
Enjoy delicious food and give new life to the cells in your body!
A dietary lifestyle that enhances your vitality.
Choose to promote health so that you can break out of the harmful effects of environmental pollutions and live your life making the best of your vitality!
A self-sufficient dietary lifestyle utilizing locally grown products.
The No.1 key for living free and without anxiety starts with a self-sufficient diet!
A peaceful dietary lifestyle that does not exploit people through plantation agriculture or destroy our global environment.
We do not need delicious food if having it causes us to sacrifice nature or negatively impact someone else's life. We can eat delicious foods in harmony with nature's laws.
The art of a diet created by cooking food that is full of vital energy based on the rule of life.
Your heart will be excited and your body full of life by following each day’s table of simple yet varied foods, all filled with seasonal life force.

The Deliciousness that Helps You Shine

Tubu -Tubu Future Food is a way of eating that harmonizes vibrations, conditions the intestines, and renews the body--filling it with energy through eating rightly. In addition, Tubu-Tubu Future Food has the power to develop a mind full of life, energy, and love.

There are a lot of people who do not really know this. The energetic vibration of the food that you eat influences your thoughts and feelings and impacts your mood and personality. If the vibration of the food is harmonious, the vibration of your body is harmonized and filled with energy. Therefore mind and body will function healthily. On the other hand, if the wave of food does not fit you or is a kind of wave that blocks energy, then, the waves of both your mind and body will fall into disorder. If it continues, it can proceed to sickness.

Perhaps it is difficult for you to believe that cooking and eating can have such power. However, the forefront of life science has already proven that the food, which has a vitality condition matching brain waves promotes the formation of healthy hormones as it supports the body.

In the field of cell biology, it is also proven that delicious food with a high frequency wave increases the amount of luminescence emanating from cells! Tubu-Tubu is therefore really a food of light. The people who others say, “She/He is really radiating light!” means these people are emitting light from the cells of their bodies.


Tubu-Tubu Future Food 13 Effects

1. Satisfies the tongue.
2. Satisfies the body.
3. Satisfies the mind.
4. Warms your body.
5. Improves your intestines.
6. You can make easily.
7. Economical.
8. You can shape up your body by eating until you get full.
9. Has a detoxing effect.
10. Makes your skin clean and beautiful.
11. Keeps you young.
12. You can feel the unity with nature.
13. Easy childbirth and childcare.

Tubu-Tubu Traditional Grains

Tubu-Tubu traditional grains are filled with almost all the nutrients that support the human body in a miraculous balance. They are a rich repository of micronutrients, which are lacking in the modern diet. They solve nutritional imbalances.

In addition, Tubu-Tubu grains are unique foodstuff ingredients that can be used as main or side dishes even though they belong to the same group as rice. They are more flavorful and colorful than rice, and their textures vary widely. There is even a kind of grain that can be made into any kind of minced meat-like dish. You can even make a cheesy pizza without cheese, which is more delicious than with actual cheese. The deliciousness which resonates with our DNA attracts everyone regardless of generation or people’s taste.


The Eight Main Tubu-Tubu Traditional Grains


Cheese Tubu-Tubu,
(Glutinous* Foxtail Millet)

With mochi-awa, glutinous foxtail millet, you can make melting cheese dishes! This grain has been said to help postnatal mothers to produce milk and to recover their pre-pregnancy bodies more quickly.
*Glutinous does not mean the grain contains gluten, it denotes a stickiness quality.

Meat Tubu-Tubu,

With takakibi, sorghum, you can make minced meat-like dishes such as hamburger steak or meat balls. This red brownish grain has a nice chewy texture.

Fish Tubu-Tubu,
(Barnyard millet or Japanese millet)

Mixed with grated yam, freshly cooked and still hot, hie, barnyard millet will taste like whitefish meat and you can make as many fish-flavored dishes as you wish. Hie millet very effectively warms the body.

Chicken Tubu-Tubu,
(Non-glutinous foxtail millet)

If you make the best of its crispy texture, you can make uruchi-awa into something similar to cooked minced chicken meat. High iron and protein and strong delicious umami taste are its characteristics.

Pork Tubu-Tubu,

Tsubu-soba can be used instead of minced pork to make gyoza, fried dumplings or sausage. This grain includes rutin which is said to prevent blood vessels from aging and strengthens capillary vessels and the heart.

Egg Tubu-Tubu,
(Glutinous* Yellow Millet)

This grain has a light, fluffy, thick texture and a nice rich flavor. It is bright yellow when freshly cooked. It helps to lower blood cholesterol. *Glutinous does not mean the grain contains glutin, it denotes a stickiness quality.

Cod (Fish) Roe Tubu-Tubu,

You can enjoy its crispy popping texture much like cod roe. It has a variety of uses such as putting on bread, making canapes, mixing with salad dressing or using as a topping.

Caviar Tubu-Tubu,

Quinoa is a golden color transparent grain, which is grown on the high Andes about 2500 to 4000 meters above sea level. The texture is like caviar and it is very good as a topping.


Tubu-Tubu Cooking

Tubu-Tubu cooking is our major strategy for saving the health and well-being of modern-day children with alluring Tubu-Tubu Future Food. Surrounded by an environment full of temptation, today’s children grow up thinking meals with lots of dishes besides rice and à‐la‐carte items are like snacks or treats. Because of this influence as well as the influence of fast foods, they may not be satisfied in their hearts and minds with a meal consisting of traditional grains or rice, one bowl of soup and one side dish.

Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko makes use of traditional grains as a new genre of cooking ingredients, which have a rich flavor and umami. She has created thousands of recipes of children’s favorite popular menu such as hamburger steak, pizza, gratin, a Sichuan style bean-curd, sausage without meat, eggs, or dairy product, which do not agree with people who live in the Japanese climate.

Tubu-Tubu is a new gourmet cuisine and the first of its kind in the world. It is based on cooked grains and is a highly nutritious and attractive style of cuisine that looks delicious and tastes great.

Tubu-Tubu Sweets

Those who do not want to eat sweets for reasons such as beauty or health and those who have to have given up cake because of allergies to dairy products or eggs can enjoy Tubu-Tubu sweets without concern. In order for people to appreciate the mild yet deep deliciousness of traditional grains, Tubu-Tubu sweets are made from 100% plant based ingredients without sugar, eggs, or milk.

The secret of the sweetness of Tubu-Tubu confections that makes for a healthy body is original amazake, a sweet mix prepared from koji, rice-malt and traditional grains. Traditional grains are full of natural sweetness and milky content so that you can make creamy, flavorful, sweet, and delicious confectionary without the use of strong sweeteners like sugar, fresh cream, or eggs. Traditional grains can play a leading role in making custard cream, donuts, puff paste, ice cream and even Japanese confectionary.

Nutritional Value of Traditional Grains

It is still a prevailing idea that grains are a mass of starch and food that lacks in nutrition when in fact, grains consist of both protein and healthy fat. Most of the nutrients that we need are contained in grains and are in a balance that perfectly matches the human body. Traditional grains, which have supported the lives of human beings since ancient times have wild vitality, which cannot be explained with numerical values.

Babies grow very well only with their mother’s breast. Breast milk contains everything that nourishes the baby's life.

Grains contain most of the necessary nutrition for humans’ lives just like mother’ breast milk.

Right. Tubu-Tubu traditional grains are the breast milk of Mother Earth.



A basic fuel, which is the main content of grains and the most necessary for good nutrition. Carbohydrates are a compound of carbon and hydrogen. They provide clean energy that is excreted as water and carbon dioxide from our bodies after digestion.


Proteins are collections of plant-based essential amino acids necessary for making cells. The quality of proteins contained in traditional grains is highly regarded. Each traditional grain contains protein as 1/7 of their carbohydrate content, which is the perfect combustion balance. If it is too much, it triggers incomplete combustion and produces a toxic nitrogen compound.

Vegetable fats

Contrary to what you might think some vegetables are rich in fat content. One of the key characteristics of traditional grains is that they contain a lot of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for forming cells.


Vitamin are essential for digestion and absorption of the three major nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Traditional grains contain mainly B-complex vitamins which are necessary for burning carbohydrates with all the others.


Traditional grains are especially rich in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron. These are critically important nutrients, which many modern diets are lacking in.


Traditional grains are rich in enzymes. They play the leading part in promoting bodily functions.


The density and quality of fiber in traditional grains is outstanding.

Antioxidative nutrients

The colors of traditional grains are the colors of polyphenol, which has a high antioxidant component.

Various plant nutrients

It is said that there are two thousand kinds of plant nutrients. These are a treasure house of plant nutrition, which help coordinate various functions of the body.