The Rebirth of My Life Starting from the Kitchen

I will Change. > My Lifestyle will Change. > The World will Change.

The shortest way to create a healthier happier life and a more peaceful society is for women to create healthier bodies, increase enthusiasm and enhance positive thinking. Feel and be radiant with delicious homemade dishes. Everyone benefits.

Another meaning of the word Tubu-Tubu is that in each one of us hides a huge potential. As we have found, traditional grains, which used to be regarded as “tasteless, poor, and without nutrition” are in fact delicious and full of nutrition. We have also underestimated the value of our existence far too much.

We are showing people the wisdom and skills for creating dishes based on our research and practice that bring out people’s potential and helps them increase their luminosity to a superlative degree with new awareness and healthier ways of living.

By making delicious food you are cultivating lives with your own hands as family members and friends take in this wealth of nutrients. As you both eat and share such delicious nutrients, you will be renewed with grace—glowing with confidence! The circle of Tubu-Tubu is continuously getting wider.


From Nutrition to Food of Light.

The progress of physics and life science completely changed previous accepted theory of our bodies.

First, there is a view that our bodies are made from light. Quantum theory clarifies the fact that all the existence of this world consists of light, which is the origin of elementary particles known as photons. As a matter of fact, cells are radiating. It is also known that the healthier cells are the more they radiate.

Second, there are foods that switch on good genes and foods that switch them off or harm them.

Third, all of existence radiates at its’ own frequency. Food and lifestyle create the pattern of our brain waves and this influences the health of our bodies and the quality of our lives.

Nutritional science was born in the era when the body was viewed only from the material or physical aspect. Once quantum theory appeared the ongoing study of it surpassed Newtonian mechanics and it continues to expand our awareness. The food system and related cooking skills that regard the body as a crystal of light and human beings as a spiritual existence is just beginning.

A Delicious Big Adventure! Let’s Change the Direction of Gourmet!

Instead of suppressing our appetites, “Let’s change the direction of gourmet!” “Let’s recall the true delicious taste that pleases our cells!” This is the promise of Tubu-Tubu Future Food.

The original meaning of “gourmet” is “a person who knows a lot about food.” Before modern times humans were all gourmet in the real sense. This is because humans could not have survived if they had not known a lot about food.

“Dietary wisdom, the wisdom for protecting life” was passed on and cultivated from parents to children, from one village to another, generation after generation through the joy of eating and sharing delicious food. However this wisdom was ignored by the government and selfish enterprises as the modernization and westernization of life continued. This wisdom concerning nutrition has been almost complete forgotten. Recalling the true sensitivity of gourmet will be the first step to the rebirth of life.

The time is about to come when people known as “gourmets” will be those who have the right knowledge of a diet, which is consistent with “the mechanism of the global ecosystem” and “the physiological mechanism of the mind and body.” They will also refer to “gourmets” as those who have mastered the wisdom and skills to manage a diet that does not cause environmental pollution or the destruction of the natural ecology.

Furthermore Tubu-Tubu is a diet that offers satisfying food that is more delicious than you can imagine.


What You Eat Makes Your Body and Character.

Everything we eat has a vibrational effect on the body--for better or for worse. If the wave of the food is harmonious with your nature then, the vibration of your body will be harmonized and your energy will increase. Your mind and body will function in a healthy manner. On the other hand, if the vibration of food does not fit you or is a kind of vibration that blocks energy, then, both your mind and body will fall into disorder. If this continues, it can proceed to sickness.

Furthermore, there are foods that warm your body and foods that cool your body. There are foods that acidify your blood and foods that make your blood alkaline. The vibration of the food you eat controls your physical condition, builds your body, influences your thoughts and feelings and forms your mood and personality. For example, your body and well being are affected if you eat unnatural genetically modified foods or the meat of animals raised in unnatural environments. Often these animals experienced a terrifying death. Such conditions can cause hormone imbalances or create toxic chemical substances within you.

Through learning about the nature of food and understanding what food can give to your mind and body you will be able to bring out your innate power and live the life that you are wishing for.

From “Seriously and Correctly” to “Freely and Joyfully”!

One of the characteristics of Tubu-Tubu Future Food is that it is a relaxing type of food. It offers harmonized energy from a type of food that has balanced peaceful vibrations, which helps relax your tensed mind and body.

Diets with excessive meat and artificial foods that do not offer warmth satisfy you only for the moment and forces your body to be under tension.

The imprinted notion, “seriously and correctly” keeps causing tension in your mind since your childhood.

The reason why you are attracted by sugary cakes, ice cream and tropical food such as coffee and spices is because of their relaxation effect, which is yin in nature. Yin nature calms your nerves and helps you to relax. However, if you keep going back and forth between excessive tension and excessive laxness, you will not experience real relaxation. Your body will become out of balance very quickly.

In addition, even if you quit meat and food additives but do not give up your habitual consciousness of “seriously and correctly”, then your mind and body cannot truly relax.

Tubu-Tubu Future Food is a new style of food that you can enjoy with your tongue, body, and mind freely and joyfully. The commonly accepted concepts of natural food diets are not applicable to Tubu-Tubu Future Food.


Cooking is a Lesson for Creating Energy.
The Shortcut to Become Good at Living.


You can experience a substantial energy transformation through the process of Tubu-Tubu home cooking, which changes living food ingredients that are the essential form of life born in the earth into delicious food. The experience includes accepting the uniqueness of the ingredients, feeling the power of fire, water, and salt and how to utilize your strength when cutting vegetables, rolling rice balls by hand, and so on.

You can learn the rule of energy through the process of cooking, which makes the most of fire and water, the two major energies of creation.

As you experience and are impressed by delicious food full of energy your mind and body will begin to radiate. Through cooking experiences, you can enjoy the process of creating stronger more fulfilling human relationships with those surrounding you. You will be able to accept uniqueness and differences, start to draw out each attraction and be able to improve your power to create the situation that you wish through the experience of cooking.

In fact, cooking is the continuation of decision making. You will be able to improve your intuition from focusing clearly on the process.

Women who Give Birth and Raise Children Should Take Life Science on Themselves!

The process of building the material world was led by men who took charge of fire. This process has already started to shift to the process of evolution of a vibration that women are leading. The vibration of Aquarius is covering the earth to support women’s awakening.

Women are the ones who should learn cutting-edge life science as the first life scientists. There is an urgent need for women to recall the rule of life by observing life through cooking. This becomes a profound work of life creation.

Bearing new humanity is the very bridge to the future.

Tubu-Tubu is working to be the reliable cutting-edge laboratory. In this laboratory we study and practice wisdom for rebuilding the world from the viewpoint of women and life. We work to discover, collect, and spread this wisdom backed with practical skills.

We are developing activities to help the world revolutionize society as a future living laboratory that women manage on their own for the sake of life. We are utilizing the skills that have been raising a dawn of awakening of the whole family by changing diets joyfully and easily through Tubu-Tubu Future Food.