Be the New You!

Be the New You!

Eat Naturally, Live with Love in Harmony with GAIA!

I want to transform!
I want to live freely in a way that suits me!
I want to live a different way of life beginning today!
I want to live shining!
For you who think this way……

The Energy of the Change Embracing the Earth

The earth is in the midst of a tremendous shift. This is a gift from the universe that offers a very rare opportunity for immense transformation.

The earth is abundant with the energy to support two needed transformations. One is the transforming energy to avoid the destruction of the earth before the point of no return and the other is for supporting the ascension of the (positive) wave of the earth. Since these two unimaginable transformations are happening at the same time, unimaginable phenomena have been happening around the world, which has caused the minds and bodies of many people to be in great confusion. But this confusion is a door opening for healing and a major shift in consciousness.

In order to successfully process this transformation an awakening of human has begun. Humanity is beginning to awaken to our both our authentic nature and to our power for taking action to create change.


The Awakening of Consciousness

Do you feel the impulse saying “I want to transform!” inside? If so you are pioneering a consciousness that was attracted by the chance of experiencing this time of transformation.

It is your role to open your eyes wide and watch the reality of the earth that is clearly deteriorating. We need to see and accept this fact in order to work together to transform it. Gender balance is an important element in this transformation. The awakening and contributions of women, is very important and necessary.

Tubu-Tubu has been developing the “Be the New You!” project and “Tubu-Tubu Future Food” project to support your awakening.

Surf Gracefully Through This New Wave by Changing Your Diet.

If you have the drive and thought, “I want to transform!” but do not know your objective and destination, then it is time to know what you really want.

Even though you might not realize it, your body, society, and earth are already transforming. It entails great hardship and danger to live tossed about by the waves of transformation.

Once you learn the nature of these waves and the wisdom and skills to enjoy surfing them, you will be able to enjoy these vast waves and move with them both lightly and gracefully. The surfing is accompanied with the ascension of the wave of the earth and your body. Just like surfers who go to the ocean looking forward to rough waves you also can enjoy the art of surfing through life gracefully.

The base for prospering while managing these transformations is “Tubu-Tubu Future Food.” Tubu-Tubu is a nickname for traditional grains, which are uniquely delicious. We are suggesting Tubu-Tubu Future Food to you, as it aligns with these new frequencies as the energy of traditional grains and vegetables are following the harmony and rules of the universe. This delicious cuisine is a diet that is good for your minds, bodies, and the earth.


The Way of Living as Tubu-Tubu Tennyo

Tubu-Tubu is suggesting a way of living as “Tubu-Tubu Tennyo.” The women who learn the wisdom of surfing with the change of vibration, who improve their skills, and who are connected with their real pure mind are “Tubu-Tubu Tennyo.”

Let us introduce the declaration of seven ways of living as Tubu-Tubu Tennyo.
1. I am equipped with the art of delicious Tubu-Tubu home cooking, which makes life shine.
2. I know I am connected with tenshin (pure mind) and keep it in mind to live with tenshin.
3. I am grateful and believe from the bottom of my heart in the simple structure and rule of the universe.
4. I know that I can create and change my reality as I wish with awareness and action.
5. I know my body, mind, and talent all have unlimited possibilities.
6. I keep it in mind to unite my thoughts, words, and actions.
7. I enjoy all the daily happenings from the bottom of my heart with a feeling of love, trust, gratitude and responsibility.

The Transition to the Diet for a New Humanity has Already Started.

Children who were born during the last ten years already have the minds and bodies adjusted to the new wave of the earth. Tubu-Tubu Future Food is based on the wisdom and skills for bringing the abilities of children who are the future into full play. The conditions necessary for them are the following. On the other hand, the minds and bodies of most adults are not in harmony with this new vibration. In order for you to adjust with these changes taking place on earth, it is necessary for you to assure you make changes in your diets as well to assure transformation in every cell of your beings.

1. Plant-based diet without additives.
2. “Grains (and vegetables),” “sea salt,” and “water without chlorine” are the basis for the diet for a new humanity.
3. Avoid medicine, vaccine and injections (chemicals).


Two Fields of Learning for Making “Be the New You” Come True.

The consciousness of “Be the New You!” is now the theme for all of humanity. Future Food Seminars and the Future Food School are the learning places for fostering our human evolution as the purpose of life. Tennyo Seminars and the Tennyo School are the learning places to help you upgrade your consciousness in order to live as your real self.