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Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko

Yumiko is fired with passion to help women around the world know how to prepare meals based on Tubu-Tubu Future Food. These meals follow the natural rhythms of our bodies and the natural world. This Future Food protects children from environmental pollution, can bring out the best of our selves, create a better life and a better world by embracing delicious and vitally nutritious meals. She recognizes this as a heavenly message and therefore, Tubu-Tubu was founded in 1982. She has been traveling across Japan spreading the knowledge and skills.

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Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko

Life Adventurer / Traditional Grain Cooking Specialist

The Encounter with Traditional Grains


One day at the age of thirty, I encountered “Tubu-Tubu,” traditional grains and learned they had become endangered species. I wondered why such delicious traditional grains, an essential staple that people had been eating since ancient times were disappearing. Since that time I began to explore the deliciousness of traditional grains and decided it was important to let other people know about them as well.

Before embarking on this mission, I used to be a designer who managed a women’s company that provided ideas and designs for commercial goods for women to business enterprises.

While cooking traditional grains and vegetables, I conducted research on the history of the Japanese diet as well as the history and diet of indigenous people around the world. I read many books and documents related to food and its impact on the body. I began to emphasize Japanese traditional knowledge and skills about food and connected these with macrobiotic, epigenetics , psychology, quantum theory and life science.

As the true relation between life, health and food became clear I began to feel sunlight radiating in my heart. Various symptoms within my mind and body were cleared by the “Tubu-Tubu” grain-based vegetarian diet I had adopted. Through the changes in my physical condition, the deliciousness of the food as well as the mental satisfaction coming from an enhanced clarity of mind, I became certain that this was the diet that many humans had eaten in centuries past, and that it was the food my body had been seeking. Thus designing food dishes became my life’s work.

My Big Life Adventure Began!

We wanted to live more connected to nature and to the earth so our family of five moved to the heart of nature in Yamagata, traveling with our luggage loaded in one light van. Our big adventure started with living in a Tepee tent.

We could smell the soil and feel the wind running through our bodies. We could hear the trees’ chattering and birds’ twittering. We observed changes every day in an endless concerto of life. We plowed, seeded and raised a harvest. From this harvest we received the vitality of life from the grains we planted and vegetables we grew. Together these offered a delicious-feeling resonating through our five senses. We gathered at our table and shared this vitality with deep affection and gratitude.

All the daily matters that I used to think of as annoying trivial affairs fell away and were replaced with a joy for living. The theme for our family adventure was “play, learn, and work” and we did this every day. With our children we learned much wisdom about living together, and had many wonderful encounters with the many adults and children who visited us on a regular basis.

In spring 1995, the work to build “Atelier of Life” started. In the same year Future Food was published and the Future Food Survival Seminars began. We began and managed the “Life Seed Campaign” for enlightening people about raising and eating traditional grains. While we were building our house and enjoying a life made by hand all of our activities above began to grow substantially .

The Birth of the Tubu-Tubu Future Food

In the process of researching traditional wisdom and creating a new food culture different from modern nutrition science and guided by Tubu-Tubu traditional grains, I faced a sad reality. I learned that a friend of mine who was a sincere and dedicated ecologist lost her life by eating a vegetarian diet. Her diet did not meet the dietary requirements sufficient to maintain the mechanism for sustaining a healthy life. This made me realize a big pitfall.

Many people change their diet to natural food or vegetarian meals because of doubts about modern foods, the inhumane treatment of animals or for environmental reasons. However, they are consuming natural food or vegetarian diets that are more dangerous than their previous diets without knowing so. The reason is because the use of the term "natural food" is unreliable. It lacks clarity due to the influence of the commercial world as well as a lack of understanding passed on to people.

It is sad that people who are cautious about their diet and who aim to live ecologically might die earlier than those who embrace modern gourmet food because of this distorted diet information. But this does not mean it is better to continue with the same diet as before either. People surely need to embrace the opportunity to create a better future through a right diet and by living right.

This realization helped me make the decision that I must write a book that tells the truth about diet and ecological living as I understood it. Taking a whole year from the beginning of 1994, I finished writing “Mirai-shoku, Kankyo Osen Jidai o Oishiku Ikinuku” (Future Food. Skills for Surviving in the Era of Environmental Pollution), which suggests that people move away from a belief in “nutrition science” and “natural food” that includes much wrong information. At the same time I started Future Food Survival Seminars.

> “Mirai-shoku, Kankyo Osen Jidai o Oishiku Ikinuku” (Future Food, For Surviving in the Era of Environmental Pollution) (In Japanese)

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The Birth of Tennyo Seminars

“It is unbelievable that some people in our society do not respect the women who bring new life into this world!” “Why do people not respect life as well as each other?” “Why in the world do so many wage wars?”

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to know where I came from and where I would go. Why was I born? I have always wanted to know this. I wanted to learn everything about this world that I exist in, I wanted to live loving each other.

This dream has come true through Tubu-Tubu. Every single day I lived simply with Tubu-Tubu traditional grains. I was happily surprised to discover that I was able to feel more like “the real me” before I knew it. Wisdom and energy rose up out of my body like a spring. The true picture of the world came to appear surprisingly simple and various problems were readily solved.

Then, I clearly remembered my providence, which is to help every woman wake up and spread the skills for awakening the untapped power in each of us.

In 2008, we started the Tennyo Seminars.

I have been practicing Tubu-tubu homemade cooking and enjoying the big adventure of regaining peace of mind, body, family and world by working with awakened women.

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Sharing My Dream

I have the dream of “helping new Tubu-Tubu Tennyo to develop all around the world”.

Taking a long, long period of time, material society was developed by men leading and it has achieved great development. On the other hand, this has also created various problems because of the sense of value over-emphasizing the material side of life.

Women waking up to our place in transforming this world is the key to solving many of these problems we face.

By passing the baton of societal leadership from men to women, it is possible to create a harmonious society that values love. Women have the capacity for birthing a new world just as they have been able to birth all human life. It is our natural role. With this realization we can begin to create a new society harmonizing the development of the material world and life itself.

I call these women Tubu-Tubu Tennyo, those who sympathize with this dream, who learn the way of eating, living, and thinking along these simple rules of life. These women also radiate as they embrace delicious Tubu-Tubu home cooking, raising families and helping to create a society that connects people by means of love, nutrition and faith.

The role of the Tubu-Tubu Tennyo is to transform themselves into shining beings first, to exhibit the flower of life to others, to bloom nobly, and to spread the joy of Tubu-Tubu Tennyo all over the world. Please join us in this peaceful, “delicious” revolution, which does not embrace war. You can make your dream come true right away as you enjoy helping to grow our common dream.

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Yumiko was certified as the first female
Vegetarian Master in Japan!

In November 2015 Yumiko was certified as a Japan Vegetarian Master by the Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research (an organization for academic studies registered by the Science Council of Japan).
She was certified second behind Dr. Michiru Kakimoto, the representative of the Japan Vegetarian Society, which has a twenty-year history.

The qualification of Vegetarian Master can be acquired by the members of the Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research who have the rich advanced academic knowledge of the vegetarian diet and vegetarianism and who are able to guide or advise people in matters related to the vegetarian diet and environmental issues.
It is regarded as a “vegetarian Ph.D.” and supporting academic activities are considered to be important.
Yumiko wrote an article; ‘Creating a New Vegan Diet Culture through the Restoration of Washoku (Japanese Cuisine): a Proposal for “The Balance Sheet of Food and Life” Based on Yin-Yang Theory’ for the academic journal of Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research in September, 2015.
“The highest rank of qualification certified by the Society, Vegetarian Master”
was conferred on her because“the proposal of new vegan cooking, was creatively constructed based on the wisdom and techniques of Washoku (Japanese cuisine), which has survived for many years,” was highly evaluated academically.

You are able to read the article at http://www.jsvr.jp/VR161oy.pdf (With permission from the Japan Vegetarian Society.)

The accreditation system of certifying a Master by the Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research bestows the license on those who have acquired advanced knowledge related to vegetarian diet and vegetarianism.
Three licenses; Vegetarian Master, Vegetarian Advisor, and Associate Vegetarian Advisor are offered based on achievement.
Most Tubu-Tubu staff members, Tubu-Tubu Mothers and Tubu-Tubu Cooking Coaches are certified as Vegetarian Advisors and Tubu-Tubu now has fifty-one certificate holders.

世界が知らない力/ 変化を生み出す女性たち

Published on July 1st, 2013.
Inanna Publications   > http://www.inanna.ca
Toronto, Canada.

Editor: Sharon G. Mijares (Costarica), Aliaa Rafea (Egypt), and Nahid Angha (USA). They have been working to wake up and release women. They have recorded the activities of women who are leading societal change in countries over the world. Their work highlights contributions from women who are in action creating change. From Japan, Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko wrote about the activities of Tubu-Tubu. Her writing will be published this year.

Song of Creation Came One After Another

One day as I was enjoying the brightness of mind, body, and everyday life, enhanced through Tubu-Tubu, I heard a song from the murmuring of trees in the woods. It was a motion of ears in a traditional grain farm and the whisper of wind.
The first-born song is “Hikari no Shoku, Tubu-Tubu (Food of Light, Tubu-Tubu)”. It is recorded in “Sozo no Uta (The Song of Creation by Yumiko) vol. 1” with “Tubu-Tubu no Uta (Song of Tubu-Tubu)”. These songs can help children develop a sensibility about life by singing them with their families. In the vol.2, “Watashi no Neiro (My Timbre)” and “Ima kara Umareru Mirai (Future Coming into Being from Now)”. These songs will energize your mind, body, and world if you sing everyday. Sing and enjoy the comfort and the changes in mind and body that the songs bring to you.

Adventurer of Life / Traditional Grain Cooking Artist
Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko

CEO of Fu Future Life Laboratory, Inc. Born in 1952, dragon year.
Her physical health is equivalent to 34 years old. And, she has excellent eyesight. Her history with Tubu-Tubu diet is more than 30 years. She is a pioneer in the field of designing cooking for health and creating a clear mind.
She has been spreading the knowledge and skills of health and happiness for the whole family to thousands of people through “Future Food Seminars”, which began in 1995.
She also supports women’s awakening through “Tennyo Seminars” which began in 2008. The number of Tubu-Tubu Tennyo has been increasing all across Japan. These women are realizing the meaning and power of food and tenshin (pure mind) and to living acknowledging the role of women.
A wooden house named “Atelier of Life” in the woods in the foothills of Mt. Iide is Yumiko’s base of life. She lives surrounded by seven colors of traditional grain farms, vegetable farms, and Japanese oak woods.
In 2013 she changed her name for activities in Japan from “Yumiko Otani” to “Tubu-Tubu Grandma Yumiko” and for overseas audiences to "Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko."

She has published more than 30 books (in more than 40 publications) such as “Miraishoku (Future food)”, “Tubu-Tubu Cooking Start Book”, “Yasai Dake? (Only Vegetable?)”, “Tubu-Tubu Zakkoku Miracle Sweets (Tubu-Tubu Traditional Grain Miracle Sweets)”, “Oishii! Tsukemono Ryoori-jutsu (Delicious! Cooking Skills for Pickles)”.