Tubu-Tubu Community

Team Tubu-Tubu

Team Tubu-Tubu promotes Tubu-Tubu activities. The Team is comprised of Tubu-Tubu members who practice and promote the Tubu-Tubu lifestyle. Team members take the lead in enjoying “The Rebirth of My Life Starting from the Kitchen.” and work passionately in support of Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko’s dream, “Let’s make Tubu-Tubu the common diet around the world! Let’s make 'Tubu- Tubu' a common word around the world and let’s foster Tubu-Tubu Tennyo around the world!”

Tubu-Tubu Navigator

Tubu-Tubu navigators are guides who deliver the spirit and skills of Tubu-Tubu through seminars, publications, media, and highlight its attraction to people around the world.

Tubu-Tubu Food Entertainer

Tubu-Tubu food entertainers are chefs who deliver the deliciousness and charm of Tubu-Tubu cuisine through various food demonstrations and events.

Tubu-Tubu Mail Order

Based in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime prefecture, we deliver ingredients and tools for supporting the Tubu-Tubu lifestyle nationwide. We pioneer goods that represent the face and spirit of their makers.

Tubu-Tubu Farm

The Inochi no Atorie (Atelier of Life) in Oguni-cho, Yamagata prefecture is the base for the Tubu-Tubu growers’ network. They are studying about how to pass down seeds of traditional grains as well as the techniques for cultivating and manufacturing them. They are also coaching others in order to ensure the ongoing availability of these seeds.


Miku Gota

Lead Tubu-Tubu Navigator and Tubu-Tubu Head Chef

My dream is to realize the world, where each of us recall the object for living and live with full of love, trust and gratitude, through Tubu-Tubu activities. I work to deliver the deliciousness and cooking skills of Tubu-Tubu cuisine to women both in Japan and the world. “Full of gratitude and joy when family members sit around tables where homemade dishes are served filled with both mother’s love and mother earth’s love.” I hope to create a reality where this kind of life becomes ordinary. We, Tubu-Tubu navigators are all-around players developing ourselves while enjoying various supportive activities. Every time we make Tubu-Tubu dishes, they taste better because the more we make Tubu-Tubu dishes the more our senses are developing and sharpening helping us to feel unity with earth and the universe. I have a genuine belief that Tubu-Tubu cooking is healing, much like meditation, music and art.

He was born in 1990 as the second son of Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko. Four months later the family moved to Yamagata prefecture.
He had an adventurous life with his family from morning until night. He has been using a kitchen knife since he can remember and grew up in an environment where cooking together with family members was an everyday affair. At the age of fifteen, he started Tubu-Tubu cooking lessons. For two and half years from the age of seventeen he was a private instructor for singer, Mie Nakao. At the age of nineteen he became a manager of Buona! Tubu-Tubu, Kagurazaka and at the age of twenty-one a manager at the Tubu-Tubu Café, Waseda. He has played active roles as head chef to maintain the delicious taste and quality of Tubu-Tubu Future Food. He serves as cooking seminar instructor and is also in charge of promoting activities of the Tubu-Tubu navigation group.

>  Tokyo Tubu Story

Born in Niigata prefecture. She is versatile and plays active roles in graphic design, email magazine distribution, webpage building, as a seminar assistant, and more. She is the chief editor of our monthly magazine “Tubu-Tubu.” The gap between her feminine appearance and funny remarks that sometimes pop out is one of her charms.


> Warau Kado niwa Tubu Kitaru (Tubu Comes in by a Merry Gate)

Born in Tokyo. Using her many experiences, she performs versatile work such as camera-person, seminar assistant, system construction, database creation, proofreading, etc. She is full of curiosity and a person who enjoys everything. Her laughter is distinctive and can be recognized anywhere.


Yoshihiko Ikeda

Tubu-Tubu General Manager

“When I was young I used to have a bright personality, however in my twenties I started to join events critical of society. My body felt heavy with the knowledge that so many people live unfortunate lives and that perhaps it is better not to work or not to use money.” Then I encountered the message of Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko and was shocked so in the spring of 2004 I passionately sought employment with her. I used to be a carnivorous animal committing dietary excesses but I became crazy about the freshness and happy deliciousness of Tubu-Tubu and ate my fill every day. One year later I found I had lost 20kg (44lb). I gained physical strength and vitality, had a more positive frame of mind and working became much more enjoyable. I remembered what I really wanted to do and learned the joy of action, of believing in myself and believing in the universe. I wanted to spread the miracle that happened to me to as many people as possible. This feeling is the driving force for my life’s activities. The business people who create positive change in society are the very people that I want to survive! I want men to survive too! I believe this with passion.

He has been practicing Tubu-Tubu for ten years. He is in thirties and has been growing and growing. He is enjoying fulfilling days supported by able, passionate staff as a general manager for our two restaurants, which offer Tubu-Tubu cuisine. He is married and his wife became a Tubu-Tubu staff after being Yumiko’s private pupil. They are blessed with two children by natural home birth. They enjoy easy Tubu-Tubu child care and an exciting life style. > He is distributing a free report! ”Secret for Cooking Vegetarian Dishes that Husbands and Children are Happy to Eat in Big Mouthfuls.”(In Japanese)

> Buona! Tubu-Tubu - Murmur of Maririn

She was born in Fukushima. Her Tubu-Tubu history goes back two years. She grew up in a farmer’s family and was moved by Tubu-Tubu’s wide variety of vegetable cooking techniques. She makes good use of her seven years experience in the food service industry. Her roles are assistant manager and chef at the Tubu-Tubu Café. She attracts our guests with her friendly character and charming smile.


> Tubu-Tubu Chef Yuji’s Cooking School

He is a former baker. He made a decision to make Tubu-Tubu his work and moved from Hiroshima to Tokyo with his family. Trained at BUONA! TUBUTUBU, he very quickly became a Tubu-Tubu chef based on his natural cooking sense and inquiring mind. His uniqueness, which is a surprise to everyone attracts many people.


> Tubu-Tubu Ikeda Family’s Life

She was born in Nagano. Mother of two children. Her Tubu-Tubu history goes back seven years. She served as manager of the Tubu-Tubu Café from 2009 to 2011. Today she is in charge of the party section at the Tubu-Tubu Café. She is also teaching cooking classes. With Tubu-Tubu general manager, Ikeda she is spreading the enjoyment of practicing Tubu-Tubu together with family members.


> Flying over Tubu-Tubu Life!
From Flight Attendant to Guide for Tubu-Tubu

She has 4 years of Tubu-Tubu history. When she worked as a fight attendant, she traveled from Singapore to attend Tubu-Tubu seminars. Her hobby used to be going from one restaurant to another and her main interest was eating. She became attracted by Tubu-Tubu’s deliciousness and woke up to the enjoyment of cooking. She is a Tubu-Tubu Mother.


> Mayumi’s Enjoyable Life

She became a staff member after one year of training at BUONA!TUBUTUBU and the Tubu-Tubu Café. When she discovered Tubu-Tubu her eyes grew three times bigger and she felt set free from past limitations. Her forthright, shining, sparkling eyes are her most charming point. Her friendly, outgoing character is also very attractive. She is a mother of two children who are junior high school students.


Michiyo Torigoe

Manager, Tubu-Tubu Online Shop

Aiming at a cool designing job, I studied art at a junior college in Tokyo. I met Yumiko at the company where I had my first job. Three years later responding to Yumiko’s call I joined her in making a women’s only project/design company. Developing the business, “Tubu-Tubu Future Food” became the lifework of our company. Now my role, (and I love it), is to go out to shops and look for things to sell that are indispensable for the Tubu-Tubu lifestyle. My work at the Tubu-Tubu shop, my overall experience and the joy of doing what I love have all united. I enjoyed working so much that I opened and managed our mail order center located in the place I am from. Looking back on my life, I am surprised how much people can change once they wake up. I cannot help but be happy about the feeling of spreading this wake-up to others. I am now full of satisfaction knowing that I am helping people all over Japan with their lives as I gather ordered goods and pack them for shipping.

She was born in Ehime, Japan and is a master of housekeeping and keeping things tidy. She is the manager of our Tubu-Tubu online shop. Her nickname is “Mitchan”. What is available at our online shop are exclusively the goods Tubu-Tubu members are using in their everyday lives. She is fashionable, charming, and barely in the flower of her fifties. Based on her super strong commitment she has found excellent goods. She has a burning desire to successfully deliver them to more and more people.

Kazuo Gota

Manager, Tubu-Tubu Farm and Tubu-Tubu Grower Network

I was born and grew up in Tokyo. Driven by the desire to know and achieve my own goals, I quit the company where I had worked for three years after graduating from college and traveled around Europe, North America, Central America, and South America for two and half years. On the way, I met Yumiko on Santorini Island in the Aegean Sea. After I came back to Japan, I met Yumiko again and thus began our big life adventure together seeking answers to our common questions, “What should we do to make a peaceful world?” “How can we escape from the life where we are so tied up by money?” In 1990 we moved to a heavy snowfall area deep in the mountains in Yamagata prefecture and started a life experiment of facing and embracing nature. In 1995, I built a half owner built ecology house, “Atelier of Life”. We developed the “Tubu-Tubu farm” on the east side of the house and practiced a self-sufficient lifestyle.

He grows traditional grains and vegetables from the Tubu-Tubu farm and he is also in charge of managing the “Tubu-Tubu growers network” at Atelier of Life in Yamagata. He is an active gentleman in his sixties who is always easy-going and not afraid to tackle big jobs. He authored a book titled, “Sodatete Tanoshimu Zakkoku Saibai, Kakoo, Riyoo (Raising and Enjoying Traditional Grains - Growing, Processing, and Utilizing)” (Sorinsha), highlighting the knowledge for growing traditional grains based on his thirteen years at the Tubu-Tubu farm. He also produced a DVD highlighting the summer condition of the farm and the harvesting and manufacturing methods used in autumn titled, “Gota Kazuo no Zakkoku Choosei Gihoo (Kazuo Gota’s Manufacture Techniques of Traditional Grains).” Both are very popular.
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