Tubu-Tubu Community

Tubu-Tubu Mothers

Tubu-Tubu Mothers are the instructors of “Future Food Seminars, Scene 1. Survival”, a program focused on the real relation between life, food and dietary skills as a core management technique for people’s life.
They have been certified by Tubu-Tubu Food Designer Yumiko.

Tubu-Tubu Mothers have also pursued the study of Future Food and are Tubu-Tubu Tennyo (the women who learned the wisdom of surfing with the vibrations of such changes and were able to improve their skills. They now feel connected to pure mind.) enjoying the Tubu-Tubu lifestyle. They are practicing Tubu-Tubu as their life occupation. They work from their homes, making the most of their talents and character.

Here is the introduction of members who are involved in activities around Japan and the world.

(The qualification for Tubu-Tubu Mothers is valid from January through December and needs to be renewed every year.)


Region Aomori
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Zakkoku (Traditional Grain) Cooking Salon, Mominoki.

In 2013 we built our long held dream, a home salon! Let’s enjoy Tubu-Tubu cooking that will energize both your mind and body in our wooden house, where we have a wood stove, a farm all surrounded by green space!

Region  Iwate
Acitivity Name Iwate Atelier of Life, Tsubasa (Wing)

I am teaching Tubu-Tubu with the sympathetic viewpoint of a mother who is raising four children.

Region  Saitama
Acitivity Name Hidaka Atelier of Life, Homiya

I am introducing Tubu-Tubu dishes and Tubu-Tubu sweets, which are useful for everyday meals. Let’s enjoy new experiences and learn about Tubu-Tubu together.

Region  Saitama
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Miracle Kitchen

“Create your future from the kitchen!” I can help you understand Tubu-Tubu skills that you can use immediately for a better daily life. Let’s enjoy discovering our unlimited possibilities and the big adventure of creating our new future!

Region  Tokyo
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Café, Waseda.

I would like you to enjoy eating delicious Tubu-Tubu traditional grains every day. These are the grains that people used to eat daily. Indeed, they used to be a commonly eaten food in Japan!

Region  Tokyo and Miyazaki
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Happy Life, Ainoki

I am helping others to see the attraction of easy and delicious Tubu-Tubu and waiting for you to join my fun and enriching classes that can support your practicing Tubu-Tubu cooking.

Region  Tokyo
Acitivity Name Happy Kitchen

We cannot continue if it is not delicious! Easy, with fun, and creativity!! Let’s go on a trip to an unknown world with delicious Tubu-Tubu gourmet food!

Region  Europe (Mainly France) and Hyogo
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Life Lab, Hinoki

In March 2014 I flew to France by myself and I am researching the potential of Tubu-Tubu. I am spreading the deliciousness of Tubu-Tubu. I find Tube-Tubu moves people in Europe.

Region  Kanagawa
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Kitchen “RICO” Yokohama.

I would like people to know more and more about the deliciousness of Tubu-Tubu cooking! I would like to help people feel close to Tubu-Tubu! I am passionate to work to make new Tubu-Tubu friends in my hometown of Yokohama.

Region  Yamanashi
Acitivity Name Yamanashi Inochi no Atorie (Atelier of Life), Kimi no Go.

I am teaching the wisdom for living with love from Yamanashi Atelier of Life, learning and practicing sustainable farming, diet and lifestyle!

Region  Nagano
Acitivity Name Tubu-Tubu Kitchen RIngo no Mori, Apple Forest.

I am growing traditional grains and raising apples. I am working to create more and more circles of people who enjoy traditional grains!