Tubu-Tubu Community

Tubu-Tubu Members

Tubu-Tubu members are daily life practitioners who have adopted the lifestyle.
This means many flowers of happiness are blooming here, there and everywhere. Some members enjoy new lives and begin glowing inwardly and outwardly. They say “our bodies and minds have changed by practicing Tubu-Tubu.” Others say they are happy as evidenced by their smiling families because everyone enjoys Tubu-Tubu. There are also members who sympathized with the dream of Tubu-Tubu and became active as members of “Tubu-Tubu Hirometai (Tubu-Tubu PR Group)” in support of Tubu-Tubu activities in regions all over Japan. Some members even adopted Tubu-Tubu in their occupations and others are working on growing Tubu-Tubu traditional grains. We can also find some who are moved by greater self discovery through participation in Tennyo seminars. There are also companies which have company memberships in Tubu-Tubu and are supporting the lifestyle.


Tubu-Tubu Members

Tubu-Tubu members are all around Japan and enjoying Tubu-Tubu gourmet food and living the lifestyle.

Seiko Kise (Tokyo)
By eating Tubu-Tubu I have been feeling the power to live! I became less emotional and my depression decreased. My family members are also saying to me, “You have become calm!” and “You are getting younger!”

Yasuko Hata (Yamanashi)
After embracing Tubu-Tubu, I have recovered from postpartum depression! I am enjoying raising my children with confidence. My children’s atopic dermatitis and asthma have been cured and I will be able to cure them without depending on medicine when they become ill.

Aya Maeda (Tokyo)
I used to not give anything new a try thinking “I do not have confidence.” But now I am holding cooking classes and even offering dishes at a café! I am enjoying the changes in my life and am making progress as I move further and further ahead.

Tubu-Tubu Families

Here are families around Japan who practice Tubu-Tubu cuisine and lifestyle.

Chizuru Okada, Satoshi, Chihiro (Kyoto)
My family members are all in love with Tubu-Tubu! Sometimes all of us sing the “Tubu-Tubu Song” together harmonizing with one another. As I cook, my husband plays the sax, and my daughter sings along.♪

Yukari Minami, Yuya (Kanagawa)
We participated in the seminar together and shared the deep impression it made on us! I came to enjoy cooking and making sweets very much. My husband used to like eating out but now he says my home cooking is more delicious than meals in restaurants.

Mayo Nakane, Mitsuyoshi, Tao (Kanagawa)
As I cooked Tubu-Tubu dishes with my heart, our married life improved♪ I am going to rent a farm with my husband and give growing traditional grains a try. I am looking forward to eating Tubu-Tubu lunch boxes with my family while looking around the farm\(^o^)/

Tubu-Tubu PR Group

These members are engaged in activities supporting Tubu-Tubu events and in spreading the circle of Tubu-Tubu.

Akiko Tokairin (Chiba)
I could not cook at all before but now I am able to offer sweets for my friend’s exhibition and hold “Cooking and Eating PTubu-Tubu Grower Networkarties!“ From now on, I will be taking more initiative to inform others about Tubu-Tubu.

Atsuko Watanabe (Aichi prefecture)
I am holding cooking classes and lunch parties at home so that people can learn how they can live healthy lives so easily. I am hoping to spread the circle of Tubu-Tubu from Mikawa, Aichi.

Naomi Hayakawa (Kanagawa)
I am giving Tubu-Tubu private lessons and also holding lessons in other places. I feel very thankful and happy to have a place where I can share what I love with my friends.

Creating Work with Tubu-Tubu

Here are members who have created new jobs with Tubu-Tubu and enjoy working.

Sachiyo Ishii (Tokyo)
I run a buckwheat noodle shop with my husband in Hachioji city “Buckwheat and Traditional Grain Cuisine, Toto.” I am serving traditional grain dishes and people are pleased with them saying how delicious they are. I am very happy that men and women of all ages are enjoying the deliciousness of Tubu-Tubu, which also goes well with alcohol.

Akiyo Watanabe (Kanagawa)
I am selling natural yeast bread including traditional grain flour and an amazake (fermented rice drink) at “Pan Kobo, Furansu (Bakery, France)”. I am happy to hear “With your bread, I no longer worry.” I am also holding cooking classes.

Yukiko Araki (Shimane)
Representative of Nachuraru (Natural). We are helping junior and senior high school students pursue “Real Me” through English language, diet, and learning plans. We are expanding on a unique coaching style that helps them achieve their goal through making the best use of school and their abilities without depending on cram schools. Tubu-Tubu gohan (rice mixed with traditional grains) is very popular among students.

Tubu-Tubu Grower Network

This network is for growing pesticide-free organic Tubu-Tubu traditional grains.

Nobuko Iwasaki (Saitama)
I am growing traditional grains in Ogawa-machi. Traditional grain farms are where I can feel the energy from the earth just by standing. Please visit here.

Kenji Asano (Fukushima)
I used to do farm work mostly by myself. Since I began participating in Tubu-Tubu seminars, I have met other Tubu-Tubu mates from around Japan. I have been enjoying interacting with them exchanging information and working at the farm together. My goal this year is to ship 30kg of shikokubie, (finger millet or ragee).

Tsutomu Oshima, Oshima Noen (Niigata)
We are growing traditional organic grains and vegetables. We are a family of four and practice Tubu-Tubu together. We enjoy the diet and farming harmonized with nature and are spreading Tubu-Tubu through cooking classes and events where people can experience our farm.

Tubu-Tubu Tennyo

Tubu-Tubu Tennyo are women who practice Tubu-Tubu traditional grain cooking and the theory and lifestyle of Tubu-Tubu tennyo.

Tomoko Umezawa (Miyagi)
I learned that “everything happening in front of me is the manifestation of my thoughts and that I can create the reality I desire on my own.” As I continued to put this into practice in seminars how I see things and how I take them have changed. I am having great time now as I continue to shift to my new self.

Asako Shunto (Tokyo)
Through the learning of Tennyo, I am actually feeling my way of living is getting simpler and easier just like Tubu-Tubu cooking. I am now able to let go of my old habit of worrying about what has not happened and to have confidence in myself. I am looking forward to seeing how I change in the future!

Yashio Kashiwagura (Saitama)
Once I decided to enjoy life more I began to try what I had never imagined before. By making one step, my connection with people increased and I have been able to have enjoyable fulfilling days. I am very grateful for my family who willingly let me join in a learning environment every month!

Is the maker of natural salt, “Umi no Sei”. They are producing not only the salt but also traditional fermented/brewed food and pickles made with Umi no Sei. They are publishing Shio Ryori (Salt Cooking), Shoyu (Soy sauce) Magic, and Oishii! Tsukemono Ryorijutsu (Delicious! Pickle Cooking Techniques). The recipes for these were developed by the Tubu-Tubu organization.

They are selling the “High-performance water purifying and conditioning system, SOLUVE.” It is a main line direct connection type. With the system you can enjoy safe, delicious water from all the taps in your house. We use it at the Tubu-Tubu office and restaurants and our staff also use it at their houses. Ms. Tomiko Suzuki who is the developer and CEO also took the Future Food Seminar.

“Mama’s women architect group” are professional architects who suggest renovating houses with natural materials. They worked on the renovation of the workroom on the third floor of Tubu-Tubu Kagurazaka.